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Working It All Out

Here at Bill Higham Marine, we take pride in what we do and the commitment to quality that sets us apart from the rest. We recognise the need for a service that goes one step further than your average marine shop, and so we’ve got our own in-house maintenance and repair facilities to make sure […]

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Add a Little Air to Your Life

The first step to getting yourself out onto the water and having some fun in the sun is the boat that you pick, and that’s often the most important bit for people when deciding on what they want. If you’re in the market for a brand new boat yourself, we’ve definitely got some good news […]

A Fine Catch

The  is a fast fisher which features the very best quality in just about every aspect of its design, giving you a way to get out onto the water which is both reliable and highly enjoyable. From avid anglers to anyone looking for a boat with a great bit of protection from the elements, this […]

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Fully Charged!

An electric outboard isn’t the first thing you think of when it comes to providing a new outboard motor for your boat, but you’re definitely missing out on something pretty special! Electric outboard motors require considerably less maintenance than a traditional petrol engine, developing more torque at lower RPMs and therefore maintaining a much longer […]

A Little Inside Insight…

Questions, questions! We here at Bill Higham Marine are always being approached by customers who are looking for a little advice or an expert opinion on what they’re looking to achieve out on the water, and so we thought we’d share our thoughts on a couple of commonly asked questions that we hear from day […]

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Make the Right Choice

Shall we talk outboard motors? We’ve got a whole warehouse of them, after all, and they’re just waiting to be picked up and taken out to have some serious fun! The business of choosing the right one for the job, however, is definitely worth thinking about.   If you’ve got yourself an inflatable boat, then […]