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We’re Excellent With Engines

It can be a tough call picking out which engine you need most for your boat, and often an even tougher one to locate the right establishment when it comes to actually getting your hands on it! We’ve got some good news, however; if you’ve been looking for somewhere which can treat you to an […]

Small Engine, Big Power!

Let’s talk new outboard motors for a second, specifically one that we think appeals to a wide range of boat owners from absolute beginners to veterans of all kinds of waters! The Mariner F20 lightweight 4-stroke is the ideal boat engine for powering similarly weighted craft such as inflatables, as its compact nature allows for […]

One Excellent Engine

Here at Bill Higham Marine, we’ve got a huge selection of new outboard motors just waiting for you to come and discover, with no end to both the quality of these engines and the fantastic prices we offer them at. One particular favourite of ours is the Mariner F60 4-stroke EFI, and it’s certainly something […]

Maintenance is a Must!

Keeping your boat in the best shape it can be is an essential part of getting yourself out onto the water without a hitch, and the same can definitely be said for the outboard engines you pick to provide power. That’s why we’re proud to provide a service that goes above and beyond when it […]

Introducing Aqua Marina

It’s been an exciting few months for us here at Bill Higham, with many recent expansions to our stock ensuring that there’s a brand new world of goods just waiting to be discovered! One of the newest things we have in stock is a comprehensive range of Aqua Marina inflatable boats for sale, and we […]

Standing Up for ISUPs

Inflatable stand up paddleboards, or ISUPs for short, are a craze which is sweeping the marine world faster than you might expect, with more and more people turning to the simple yet innovative design to provide entertainment and a genuinely ergonomic way to get across the water. You might wonder what your reasons would be […]

boats and outboards

Up For a Bit of Boating?

There’s all the reason in the world to get your hands on a boat! Owning a watercraft of your own, even if it’s the smallest inflatable boat on the market, can be a fantastic experience. It can free up a whole world of possibilities, including activities such as watersports that you might have always wanted […]


Bringing the Boats

Here at Bill Higham Marine, we have no shortage of boats and outboards, and we’re proud of what we keep in stock. Take the range of Seapro Ribs we have; we couldn’t recommend them enough as we’re confident that they can make for the perfect companions when it comes to getting you out onto the […]