Monthly Archives: March 2015

The Envy of the Waters

  Choosing Bill Higham Marine for your boats and outboards is always an excellent choice as you’re not only getting the very best quality, but you’re also using a well-recognised boating supplier that can offer you advice and guidance on getting the best boats for your needs. You are also getting a team of marine […]

Remarkable Ribs

  Our Ribs are an increasingly popular model and an excellent all-rounder in the waters. These boat are easy to tow, easy to inflate and can be ready for action in no time at all.   Our boats and outboards are perfect for the novice and expert alike. They are ideal for the whole family […]

Why Boaters Loved the Solar Eclipse

    Last week Friday 20th March, most of the UK experienced the wonders of the solar eclipse where the moon moved gracefully across the surface of the sun, creating mind blowing scenes as we watched the skies in awe. It was Europe’s biggest solar eclipse for 16 years and it was also a week […]

Brilliant for Budget-Conscious Boaters

  Bill Higham Marine are committed to manufacturing reliable, economical and affordable outboard motors for watercrafts such as Inflatable boats and RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats). You can buy with confidence with us because we have a reputation for supplying high quality boats with great prices. Even with a limited budget, you will find something amongst […]

Reliable, Performance and Innovation

  The photo featured is of “Old Crusty”, an eight-horsepower Yamaha outboard that went down with a sailboat during Hurricane Andrew in 1992. After five months submerged in harsh waters, this outboard was able to start up again after just three pulls! This reflects the sheer level of reliability and high performance of these outboard […]

Wonderful Water sports

  Owning a boat is not as expensive as most people think and there are some great advantages and fun to be had when you own a boat. The sheer number of different water sports that you can take part in is reason enough to get yourself into the world of boats and outboards. Whether […]

The All Wales Boat Show 2015

Come visit the Bill Higham Marine team at The All Wales Boat Show this May, a celebratory festival of fun-filled water-based activities, unique to the region. Appealing to an audience of water sport enthusiasts, this all embracing boats and water sport extravaganza boasts a packed events and entertainment programme.   The team at Bill Higham […]

Our Boating Speciality

  Boats and outboards are our speciality and at Bill Higham Marine we strive to deliver a first rate service and we work to ensure that you get the highest quality and the very best price for your boats and outboards. When looking for boating equipment, you will need a professional and experienced team who […]

Our Boating Promise

  Once you get your boats and outboards ready for the water, there really are no limits. From the vast range of water sports and boating activities to enjoy, from relaxing with a glass of wine as you watch the sunset to listening to the calming sound of the sea, there is so much to […]

Avoid Wear and Tear at our Workshop

  Boats wintering by the Cockle Island Boat Club. Photograph: Paul Sean Maddern We can’t emphasise enough the importance of keeping your boats and outboards in good working condition – all year round. It’s very easy for our boats to become weathered over the winter months. Your boating equipment may be in need of a […]