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A New Craze | Paddle Boards

A holiday resort in Turkey is taking stand up paddle boarding to a whole new level. They have introduced SUP Yoga, that’s right stand up paddle board yoga, to their list of activities. One thing yoga and stand up paddle boarding have in common is how they are fast becoming more synonymous with mainstream culture. […]

An activity without the cost | Paddle Boards

Inflatable stand up paddle boards, or ISUPs for short, are continuing to take the marine world by storm. The relatively new craze is already a recognised sport in the United States, with more and more competitors taking part in competitions each year. It is one of the most affordable sports to compete in as the […]

Right for fishing | Boats and Outboards

We here at Bill Higham Marine know plenty when it comes of boats and outboards engines. With our years of knowledge within the industry, we are able to point our customers in the right direction when it comes to the equipment they need. For the keenest of fishermen amongst us, or even for those looking […]

Outboard Engines

Fully stocked | Outboard Engines

When looking for outboard engines come and speak to us. Here at Bill Higham Marine, we stock a large selection of new outboard engines, in house, waiting for you to take away. We stock some of the most popular brands currently out there in the marine world. Our range of Mariner outboard engines are a […]

Paddle boards: An alternative way to enjoy the open water

Although boating in the traditional sense may not appeal to everyone’s tastes, I’m sure you would agree that when it comes to recharging your batteries, there is no better way than getting yourself out there on the open water. Here at Bill Higham Marine, we understand that when it comes to boating activities, people are […]

A Brief History | Paddle Boards

Here at Bill Higham Marine, we have over 40 years of experience when it comes to all things boating.  This doesn’t mean however that we are stuck in our ways; we are always on the lookout for products which offer new and exciting ways for our customers to enjoy time out on the open water. […]

Lots in store | Boats and Outboards

You can always trust us at Bill Higham to you have it covered when you are on the lookout for new boats or outboard engines. We hold an impressive stock of new and used boats which are ready for you to purchase today. If you are not entirely sure which boat is best for you, […]

Summer boating? Why not! | Outboard Engines

Have you made time to catch up with a little boating this summer? We here at Bill Higham Marine, hope the answer is yes. As enthusiasts ourselves, when it comes to boats and outboards, we love nothing more than getting out there on the water, and we hope you do too. If you haven’t yet […]

Time for boating with SeaPro | Boats and Outboards

When is the best time to start boating? Well whatever your intentions are, whether it is a recreational cruise, a day trip or a spot of fishing, it just so happens that boating is an activity that can be enjoyed all year around. We have a selection of boats and outboards which are bound to […]

Busy this summer? | Outboard Engines

If you are a boating enthusiast, there is no doubt that your calendar will be chock-a-block with events this summer. It is that time of year again when the boating community comes together in celebration of all things, well, boating. These events are the ideal day out for boating experts or even amateurs who are […]