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paddle boards

Paddling your way into the ocean

  Paddle boards are a popular choice of boats for the water adventurer, and for the younger generation. Paddle boards are similar to surfboards in the way they have been designed and shaped, the only difference is, and this is of course down to choice, is that on a paddle board you’re stood upright and […]

kayak-963160_1280 (2)

Enjoying the peaceful surroundings kayaking

A kayak & canoe are two of the lightest boats around, and are ones where you can stay in full control of them and paddle at your own pace. Kayaking can help improve your lifestyle by making it more relaxing, healthy and stress-free. The open waters help build on tranquillity from the waters and set […]

Inflatable Boats

Indian taxi company swaps cars for boats

Due to the hazardous floods in Chennai, India, a local taxi firm Ola, have updated their phone app to include boat pickups to help locals get transported, as well as help to deliver food and water supplies to people. This boat service is free to use and it is operated by the fire and rescue […]

Outboard Engines

An extra service

Like most things we use, there will come a point where it will need some form of maintenance work to be done, whether it’s for your car, boat, washing machine or a cooker. If it’s a boat that you’ve got and you’ve had it a while or maybe it’s had a bump to it and […]

fishing boats

Big fish in a small pond

If you’re looking to do a spot of fishing this year then here’s what you can expect to find whilst cruising along the waters on your fishing boats. Larger mature cod that migrate from Scandinavian cooler waters to join forces with the smaller cod species, which are a friendly face in the UK all year […]

boats and outboards

Cardboard Boat Race

Here’s something that you don’t hear every day, a cardboard boat race. We have a vast selection of boats and outboards available for sale, but cardboard boats aren’t one of them for a number of reasons including the strength and density of them, and that they’re not completely waterproof. But, students in Bermuda will be […]

boats for sale

Symmetry, the private estate yacht

As expected, The Monaco Yacht Show showcased some spectacular boats, and if you walked in hoping to browse through some boats for sale then you’re looking at five to six figure price tags. Monaco is home to stylish and expensive yachts and a range of other boats, and plenty of local rich folk. It is […]

fishing boats for sale

There’s nothing fishy about the Piscator | Fishing Boats For Sale

The days are certainly getting duller and more miserable, but the temperatures are holding up for as long as possible. With the bonfire fireworks setting the sky a light last night, it’s time to really settle in and embrace the cooler, winter days. Winter is a great time for fishing and fortunately for you, Bill […]

Seasonal Offers

Seasonal Offers | Discount Boat Parts

With Christmas drawing in, we thought we’d help with your Christmas gift list as well help to save on the pennies. So, we decided to put together a selection of discount boat parts for the next upcoming weeks. This means that not only will that special person be receiving their perfect gift, but you’ll also […]