Big fish in a small pond

fishing boats

If you’re looking to do a spot of fishing this year then here’s what you can expect to find whilst cruising along the waters on your fishing boats.

  • Larger mature cod that migrate from Scandinavian cooler waters to join forces with the smaller cod species, which are a friendly face in the UK all year round. Cod will mainly be found in Scotland and northern England during this time of the year due to the water temperatures.
  • Whiting begin to arrive towards the end of autumn.
  • The cooler UK waters will welcome a range of flatfish such as flounder and dab.
  • Atlantic Wolffish, rare cold water breeds to be sure to make an appearance as we step into winter from autumn.

Now with the above common fish species being discovered over the next few months, imagine your surprise when you fish out an 11ft sturgeon weighing in at 700Ibs and trying to lift it up onto your fishing boats? It’s definitely not a job for one fisherman that’s for sure.

This gigantic sturgeon has made history as one of the largest sturgeon fishes ever caught and it was caught by on the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada. This mighty discovery was made by the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society, who was carrying out a 15-year study on the water species.


Dan Lallier who caught and discovered the fish said “I set the hook and I watched the fish jump clear of the water and my stunned expression soon turned into ecstatic screams as my adventure played out”.

Lallier was battling with the fish for almost an hour before the enormous sturgeon came to the side of the boat, and it was truly a fisherman’s dream. The sturgeon fishes are protected species and this particular catch is now part of the International Game Fish Association research database. Is it sad that the first thing that we thought of when we read this story was how big and strong were the fishing boats involved?

Maybe a little sad, but you would need high quality fishing boats to catch large water species such as sturgeons and although these fish are primarily located in Canada, don’t surprised if you discover a gigantic cod or salmon on your trip out on the UK waters.