Cardboard Boat Race

boats and outboards

Here’s something that you don’t hear every day, a cardboard boat race. We have a vast selection of boats and outboards available for sale, but cardboard boats aren’t one of them for a number of reasons including the strength and density of them, and that they’re not completely waterproof. But, students in Bermuda will be challenging themselves to design, create and build cardboard boats for the first Bermuda Cardboard Boat Challenge.

The boat race has been organised by the Institute of Bermuda Architects and Bermuda Association of Professional Engineers. The first race will take place on Thursday 19th November where high school students will participate in the race all sailing or rowing to cross the finish line first, and without the boat collapsing underneath them. I think the latter will be more of an achievement than winning!

Anyone can attend the Cardboard Boat Challenge, and it already looks like that there will be a huge crowd cheering the students on. It sounds like a fun day and if we lived near Bermuda, we’d be more than happy to attend the boat race, as well as offer our expertise knowledge in boats and outboards.

There will be a total of 48 teams attending and the actual event starts at 1pm, boat building will begin from 1.15pm until 3.15pm with the main event starting at 3.30pm.

It all sounds very exciting, and unfortunately, we won’t be supplying cardboard boats and outboards, but we’re happy to design and build our own cardboard boat to try it out.