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paddle boards

Paddling your way into the ocean

  Paddle boards are a popular choice of boats for the water adventurer, and for the younger generation. Paddle boards are similar to surfboards in the way they have been designed and shaped, the only difference is, and this is of course down to choice, is that on a paddle board you’re stood upright and […]

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Enjoying the peaceful surroundings kayaking

A kayak & canoe are two of the lightest boats around, and are ones where you can stay in full control of them and paddle at your own pace. Kayaking can help improve your lifestyle by making it more relaxing, healthy and stress-free. The open waters help build on tranquillity from the waters and set […]

A new way to fish2

A new way to fish | Paddle Boards

As their popularity continues to rise, it seems that people are finding more and more uses for their stand up paddle boards. Whether it is a holiday resort offering pleasure rides, yoga classes out on the open water, or even as an alternative to working out at the gym. However, one thing you may not […]

Paddle boarding uninterrupted_PaddleBoards

Paddle boarding uninterrupted | Paddle Boards

Whereas some people will find paddle boarding in the cooler autumn air quite exhilarating, others may decide that it is time to put their paddle boards away for a few months, until the sun returns. Well some members of Wellington’s Paddle boarding community in New Zealand, may have found a compromise when it comes to […]

Feel Inspired

Feel inspired | Paddle Boards

There is nothing like a boat show to inspire people to get out on the water. We here in the UK host a number of boat shows throughout the year, including the Southampton and Wales boat shows amongst others.  It isn’t just the UK who is lucky enough to hold a boat show or two, […]

Boats Paddle Boards and More

Boats, Paddle Boards and More!

The open water has so much to offer, whether you are in to your water sports, a keen fisher, or even a person who enjoys a recreational boat ride. With boating, the opportunities are endless. One thing that you will all have in common however, is the need for reliable equipment. With Bill Higham Marine […]

Paddle Boards continue to make a splash

Paddle Boards continue to make a splash

Love it or loathe it, you can’t ignore the fact that paddle boarding is continuing its growth in popularity. The sheer volume of people picking up paddle boards and hitting the open water, has helped the sport win the title of ‘the fastest growing water sport’. Although paddle boarding maybe the latest water sport to […]

Choose your paddle boards, choose your location

Choose your paddle boards, choose your location

Last week Plymouth was named as the UK’s number one place for trying a spot of stand up paddle boarding. As more and more people are donning their paddle boards and hitting the open water, this craze shows no sign of losing its appeal or popularity. Part of the appeal of stand up paddle boarding […]

Paddle boards are the perfect way to exercise

Paddle boards are the perfect way to exercise

If you are on the lookout for a new hobby or past time, that will keep you fit and active, then maybe you should look at paddle boards. For those unfamiliar with phenomenon, the best way to describe stand up paddle boarding would be to tell you that it requires the participant to balance themselves […]

We stock your paddle boards

We stock your paddle boards

There really is no better way to have fun out on the water then getting yourself out there on a paddle board. This is why we stock a wide range of inflatable stand up paddle boards, just for you! Inflatable stand up paddle boards really are awesome crafts. They are designed to pack neatly in […]