The All Wales Boat Show 2015

Come visit the Bill Higham Marine team at The All Wales Boat Show this May, a celebratory festival of fun-filled water-based activities, unique to the region. Appealing to an audience of water sport enthusiasts, this all embracing boats and water sport extravaganza boasts a packed events and entertainment programme.   The team at Bill Higham […]

When Boating Beckons

“hark, now hear the sailors cry,  smell the sea, and feel the sky let your soul & spirit fly, into the mystic…”  These are the words from musician and poet, Van Morrison; a dreamy expression of life on the sea. The romantic image it creates will no doubt have you daydreaming about what it would […]

Electrify Your Engines

We all know the familiar sound and smell of a petrol outboard, and it’s one that any avid boater is sure to love, but have you ever considered getting your hands on an electric motor? There are a huge number of reasons to get your hands on an electric motor, though we reckon that the […]

Incredible Inflatables

There’s nothing quite like an inflatable boat for when you want to head out onto the water without much planning and preparation, though they’re incredible stable, safe and practical for just about anyone! Your average inflatable boat will fit into the family car when deflated and folded, and can be inflated on site within fifteen […]

Compact Quality

Looking for an engine that’s a little smaller than your average outboard? One of our favourite new outboard motors for sale is the Mariner F2.5M four-stroke short shaft engine, as it brings all the impressive power of a Mariner outboard and places it into an incredibly portable, practical package. You’ll find that this boat is […]

Outboard Offerings

No matter if you’re looking for a large, medium or small size of engine, we’ve got everything you need and more here at Bill Higham Marine. We have Mariner outboard engines if you’re in the market for a sizeable motor that can really get even the heaviest boats flying, Tohatsu outboard engines if you fancy […]

The Power of Parsun

Looking for your next outboard engine, but you’re not quite sure what you want to opt in for? We might just have the name for you! Parsun are a manufacturer who specialise in small to medium sized outboard motors for sale, producing engines that are perfect for powering lighter craft such as inflatables, ribs and […]

An Air of Excellence

  Aqua Marina inflatables are one of the best ways to get out on the water without a problem, especially if you value the ability to spontaneously decide on a plan and head on down to do a bit of boating in no time at all! These top quality inflatable boats are incredibly easy to […]

Portable and Powerful

If you’re an avid boater who loves to get out onto the water whenever you can, you’ll no doubt love the feeling of taking control of an outboard engine and putting power into the water to get the wind ruffling your hair. We’re big fans of a powerful engine for that very feeling, needless to […]

Keeping You Going

A great boat is nothing without a great choice of new outboard motors to back it up! It can decide how many people you’re able to take on-board and still maintain a great speed, and a top quality engine can certainly give you a huge amount of reliability and safety as you won’t be running […]