An extra service

Outboard Engines

Like most things we use, there will come a point where it will need some form of maintenance work to be done, whether it’s for your car, boat, washing machine or a cooker. If it’s a boat that you’ve got and you’ve had it a while or maybe it’s had a bump to it and you’re in need of some boat maintenance, we have a team of fully qualified technicians available.

Our boat maintenance technicians have a wealth of experience and knowledge within the boat industry, as well as have a specialist set of boat maintenance and repair skills. We have a list of long-lasting and respected boat maintenance customers including:

  • M. Coastguard
  • Fire Services
  • Sub-Aqua Clubs

Bill Higham Marine offers more than just your everyday boat maintenance service; we stretch our services further and provide you with an extreme high level of hospitality and customer service. With more than 40 years of experience within this industry, you should feel confident in Bill Higham to resolve any repair work with our boat maintenance service and ensure that your boat is restored back to its original condition. It will feel like a brand new boat after we’ve worked our magic on it!

So whether your boat needs repair work doing or not on it, it’s always advisable to have a reputable boat maintenance company on board for when the time comes and here’s a number to write down in your phonebook: 0161 790 7678 or feel to drop us an email to