Paddling your way into the ocean

paddle boards


Paddle boards are a popular choice of boats for the water adventurer, and for the younger generation. Paddle boards are similar to surfboards in the way they have been designed and shaped, the only difference is, and this is of course down to choice, is that on a paddle board you’re stood upright and paddling with one oar. This is commonly known as stand up paddle surfing or stand up paddle boarding, whereas on a surfboard, you start off by lying down on your front before jumping onto your feet to tackle the waves.

Like with surfing, paddle boarding takes place on open waters such as the ocean, in which the paddler paddles their paddle boat to surf the unbroken waves and cross between islands or journeys from one coastal area to another. Some champion paddlers can paddle for hours some will even complete a warm-up paddle on their paddle boat for 20 miles! Of course, this is only done by fully trained and experienced professionals!

paddle boards

If you want to see paddle boards in action, just have a quick watch of our very short video here:

Here at Bill Higham, we have a range of paddle boards available from the industry’s leading brand, Aqua Marina. Paddle boards are also a great form of exercise and if you love the open waters and exercising, then they’re perfect for you. Plus, they’re also compatible and can easily be transported. Browse and shop our range of paddle boards online today, or get in touch for more information.