Seasonal Offers

Seasonal Offers | Discount Boat Parts

With Christmas drawing in, we thought we’d help with your Christmas gift list as well help to save on the pennies. So, we decided to put together a selection of discount boat parts for the next upcoming weeks. This means that not only will that special person be receiving their perfect gift, but you’ll also […]

tampa boat

When in Florida… | Boats for Sale

Own a boat? You may think living in places such as Venice that you would need to own a boat, which is true because everything is done by water out there. There isn’t a single road in Venice, just canals and pavements. But after my recent trip to Florida, I didn’t see a single house […]


Rib boats built by apprentices

Sir Ben Ainslie will be competing in the 35th America’s Cup Challenge in a boat designed, created and manufactured by apprentices. The 4-time Olympic championship will be amongst other rib boats, but not all of them will be in the same league as Ainslie’s. Students from the City College Southampton who are currently studying at […]

boats for sale

Pumptastic regatta | Boats for sale

Well here’s something you don’t see or hear about every day, a pumpkin regatta! Of course it’s all for Halloween season (I think anyway), but after reading the story about it; we couldn’t resist sharing it with you. Racers were eager to try their pumptastic boats and managed to successfully race around the lake in […]

inflatable boats

Navy aircraft creates ‘Drone’ inflatable boats

Over in Portsmouth, the Navy aircraft carries by BAE Systems and ASV have been creating ‘Drone’ inflatable boats, which will carry out 12 hour surveillance missions and used on the new Queen Elizabeth class ships. These inflatable boats will play a significant role, as they will be skilled to complete unmanned operations up to 25 […]

A new way to fish2

A new way to fish | Paddle Boards

As their popularity continues to rise, it seems that people are finding more and more uses for their stand up paddle boards. Whether it is a holiday resort offering pleasure rides, yoga classes out on the open water, or even as an alternative to working out at the gym. However, one thing you may not […]

Time for a new hobby

New hobby?| Boats and Outboards

You probably don’t realise the benefits of having a hobby, but for health reasons alone, it is important that you make time to relax a little and take part in an activity that allows you to recharge your batteries. We may not be health experts here at Bill Higham Marine, but as specialists when it […]

Paddle boarding uninterrupted_PaddleBoards

Paddle boarding uninterrupted | Paddle Boards

Whereas some people will find paddle boarding in the cooler autumn air quite exhilarating, others may decide that it is time to put their paddle boards away for a few months, until the sun returns. Well some members of Wellington’s Paddle boarding community in New Zealand, may have found a compromise when it comes to […]

A spot of boating this autumn_OutboardEngines

A spot of boating this autumn | Outboard Engines

Okay, the summer may now be over, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to lock your boat away in the garage until next year. Autumn is a great season for a spot of boating, so make sure that your boats and outboard engines are primed, and get yourself ready to hit the waves. […]

Feel Inspired

Feel inspired | Paddle Boards

There is nothing like a boat show to inspire people to get out on the water. We here in the UK host a number of boat shows throughout the year, including the Southampton and Wales boat shows amongst others.  It isn’t just the UK who is lucky enough to hold a boat show or two, […]