Where to start

Where to start | Outboard Engines

There is a lot to think about when it comes to purchasing a new boat or even investing in new boating accessories, such as outboard engines. So where would you begin? Well, with over 40 years’ experience in the marine industry, you needn’t look further than Bill Higham Marine. They are your experts when it […]

Boats Paddle Boards and More

Boats, Paddle Boards and More!

The open water has so much to offer, whether you are in to your water sports, a keen fisher, or even a person who enjoys a recreational boat ride. With boating, the opportunities are endless. One thing that you will all have in common however, is the need for reliable equipment. With Bill Higham Marine […]

Missed the show

Missed the show? | Boats and Outboards

Yesterday was the final day of this year’s Southampton Boat Show. The annual boating show is the perfect festival for fans of all things boating. As well showcasing a whole range of boats and outboards, this year’s show mixed a number of exhibitions amongst other events, which ensured that it was an unmissable family outing […]

Who’s the skipper Boats and Outboards

Who’s the skipper? | Boats and Outboards

The one thing that you need to remember when you are buying a boat is that you are in charge! However this isn’t to say that you won’t need a little advice or guidance when it comes to choosing your brand new boats and outboards. Luckily, Bill Higham Marine is on hand to assist you. […]

Paddle Boards continue to make a splash

Paddle Boards continue to make a splash

Love it or loathe it, you can’t ignore the fact that paddle boarding is continuing its growth in popularity. The sheer volume of people picking up paddle boards and hitting the open water, has helped the sport win the title of ‘the fastest growing water sport’. Although paddle boarding maybe the latest water sport to […]

Enhance your fishing trip

Enhance your fishing trip | Boats and Outboards

Here at Bill Higham Marine, we take great delight in improving your experiences out on the open water. Whatever your favourite boating activity or water sports past time is, we have a number of accessories to help you enhance your experience. When it comes to boats and outboards, we stock a number of different brands, […]

Choose your paddle boards, choose your location

Choose your paddle boards, choose your location

Last week Plymouth was named as the UK’s number one place for trying a spot of stand up paddle boarding. As more and more people are donning their paddle boards and hitting the open water, this craze shows no sign of losing its appeal or popularity. Part of the appeal of stand up paddle boarding […]

Allowing you to go the extra mile

Allowing you to go the extra mile | Outboard engines

Okay, so you may not own the biggest boat, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add some additional power to it. Here at Bill Higham Marine, we stock a wide range of outboard engines, in a variety of different sizes, ensuring that we have the right outboard engines suited to your boat. We are […]

Paddle boards are the perfect way to exercise

Paddle boards are the perfect way to exercise

If you are on the lookout for a new hobby or past time, that will keep you fit and active, then maybe you should look at paddle boards. For those unfamiliar with phenomenon, the best way to describe stand up paddle boarding would be to tell you that it requires the participant to balance themselves […]

Making the right impression

Making the right impression | Boats and Outboards

When it comes to our customers, our aim is to always offer a service that satisfies. Over the many years that we have been part of the Mariner industry, we have proved our comitment to delivering the highest levels of customer service. Whether you are purchasing boats and outboards for the first time, or are […]