We stock your paddle boards

We stock your paddle boards

There really is no better way to have fun out on the water then getting yourself out there on a paddle board. This is why we stock a wide range of inflatable stand up paddle boards, just for you! Inflatable stand up paddle boards really are awesome crafts. They are designed to pack neatly in […]

boating on a shoestring

Boating on a shoestring | Boats and Outboards

At Bill Higham Marine, we believe that boating doesn’t necessarily have to be an activity enjoyed exclusively by the rich and the famous amongst us. It is in fact an activity that can be enjoyed by all. This is why we are committed to delivering the best boats and outboards at affordable prices. We stock […]

he growing appeal of paddle boarding

The growing appeal of paddle boarding | Paddle Boards

It is hard to ignore the growing popularity of stand up paddle boarding here in the UK. With local paddle boarding clubs now popping up all over the country, there has never been a better time to get yourself kitted out with paddle boards and getting involved in the sport. By now we all understand […]

The future of paddle boarding Paddle Boards

The future of paddle boarding | Paddle Boards

With all the hype currently surrounding stand up paddle boarding, it is impossible not be intrigued by the new craze. Stand up paddle boarding or SUP, if you were to abbreviate it, is a sport that originates from Hawaii. It does share some similarities with surfing, however paddle boards are generally a wider board which […]

Purchasing a new boat

Purchasing a new boat | Boats and Outboards

Okay so the summer seems to have wound down a little now, but don’t let that put you off. If you have ever fancied owning your own boat, then there is no time like the present. Boating really is an activity that can be enjoyed all year around. The good news is that if you […]

Keeping your motor runnin

Keeping your motor running | Outboard Engines

As much as we would all like to believe that our trusted outboard engines will never let us down, it is unfortunately not always going to be the case. Like any other engine that is used regularly, it will need a little maintenance every now and again. If you do however experience any problems with […]

Keeping up with paddle boarding

Keeping up with paddle boarding | Paddle Boards

As your supplier of inflatable stand up paddle boards or iSUPS for short, we here at Bill Higham Marine certainly enjoy a spot of stand up paddle boarding ourselves, and it seems that we are not alone. Is stand up paddle boarding really becoming the world’s fastest growing water sport? Well it appears that this […]

Time for a new hobby

Time for a new hobby | Boats and Outboards

There is nothing better than taking some time out for yourself and enjoying a past time or hobby. Participating in a hobby is a great way to get unwind  and rest. What you probably didn’t know though, is that scientists believe hobbies are as important for you as exercise is. In a recent report published […]

Boat Maintenance

Maintenance matters | outboard engines

There’s nothing worse than a planned boating excursion having a major setback. Imagine the scene, the destination has been selected, sandwiches and supplies are packed, you’ve found that old tube of sun-screen at the back of the bathroom cabinet, and you’re ready for the off. The only issue is, you can’t get your boat running. […]

Paddle Boards Higham

An experience shared

Lewis Hamilton is just the latest celebrity to be seen out on the open water, trying his hand at a little stand up paddle boarding. The Formula one superstar has swapped the tarmac of Monaco for the lush waters of Barbados, whilst taking sometime out with his pal Rihanna. Hamilton was snapped sharing his paddle […]