Symmetry, the private estate yacht

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As expected, The Monaco Yacht Show showcased some spectacular boats, and if you walked in hoping to browse through some boats for sale then you’re looking at five to six figure price tags.

Monaco is home to stylish and expensive yachts and a range of other boats, and plenty of local rich folk. It is probably one of the most indulgent cities in the world! Now one boat in particular shone the most at the yacht show and that was Symmetry.

Symmetry is 500 feet in length, 10, 700 square feet of exterior deck space, can entertain 34 guests and has six remarkable decks, plus a swimming pool, private spa and a home cinema. The yacht was designed to create a private estate lifestyle, as well as enjoy the natural open water surroundings. You are guaranteed to never be bored or have a dull moment on the Symmetry and if you still think that you might, then take a look of what some of the decks can offer you.

  • The Beach Deck: it’s exactly what you imagine it to be, a beach lounge with a seawater pool.
  • The Guest Deck: you can enjoy a mid-ship pool with a glass bottom, a VIP en-suite room and balconies.
  • The Hotel Deck: the main deck for entertaining your guests. This includes drinking areas, lounges, bars, a garden, a gym and an exterior pool.
  • The Wheelhouse Deck: this deck is mobile-friendly and easy to for guests to maneuverer around. It includes dual steering to accommodate bi-directional manoeuvrability.

The other decks which you can enjoy and they include a kid’s playroom, an office, a library, a sky lounge, and an exterior deck with lounge seats. So there is something for everyone on the Symmetry and if you still got bored on this yacht, then maybe this is one of the boats for sale that isn’t designed for you.