You’ll be Uberly excited about this

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Global taxi firm Uber have launched another form of transport to their successful taxi service, yachts. This isn’t a joke, Uber have launched UberBOAT in Miami, a service that is already available in Istanbul, Turkey.

Miami has suffered a lot of disruptive road traffic and it only seems to get worse due to road closures and with Miami being made up of stunning beaches, it only seems natural to launch a boat taxi service. It means the people of Miami can travel in style, cruise across the gorgeous blue waters and get to the destination whether it’s an exclusive VIP party with no disruption.

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Ordering a yacht is simple and it can be done in a touch of a button, and it will cost you a flat rate of $35. So how does it work? You simple book your yacht through UberBOAT from the normal regular Uber button; your UberLux vehicle will transport you to the luxury yachts.

It’s not just Uber who are behind this luxury travel service, Stella Artois have partnered up with the taxi giants and we’re sure that if it is a success in Miami – which I’m sure it will be judging by their lifestyle, UberBoat will be available in more countries.

It sounds amazing doesn’t it, booking a yacht instead of a cab to get you to work in the morning and back home again in the evenings. Of course, Miami has much better weather than we have here in the UK and we’re not quite sure how sailing on the choppy waters with the wind battering the side of the boat and rain hammering hard above you can seem relaxing. But hey, this could be a service for the spring/ summer months and we’d more than happy to supply the new boats and outboards.