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Hydraulic Steering Kit for engines up to 150 hp

complete kit comprising everything you need to fit to your boat
suitable for outboards up to and including 150hp
italian made

Hydrodrive MF155W Outboard Hydraulic steering system for engines till 150 HP

Hydraulic pump: TL1-16 MRA, 16 cc pump., 4,6 turns

Hydraulic cylinder: MC 155 W, 71 cc volume, stroke 212mm

6+6 mt hose, 2 lt. hydraulic oil (temp.+60°/-30°.)

Output force: 270 Kg
Torque: 57 Kgf
Max speed: 55 Kts (101 km/h)

Outboard hydraulic steering system, for engines until 150 hp output. Excelent quality, innovative technology. Universal fittings, Hydrodrive steering can be use every type of outboard engines. Easy to install.

3 years of warranty

Price £489.00

Optional 5 Year Warranty

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