Seapro inflatable boats are hand built using the finest materials available: The fabric is German Valmex; the best quality PVC in the world, it's completely UV resistant, has great abrasion resistance, and has the highest tear and tensile strength around, sadly it isn't the cheapest, sorry about that. All the fixtures and fittings are Italian, so the whole kit is of excellent quality. That's why Seapro inflatable boats have been adopted by many rescue organisations around the UK, including the Fire Brigade. These are genuine UK designed inflatables, built right, they are NOT your Chinese cheapo!!

We can match any inflatable package prices you have seen anywhere in the UK, so choose your boat, then look at our outboard engines to choose which suits you best, or call Simon, he spends most of his time flopping in and out of inflatables at weekends and he will help tailor your boat package to suit your needs perfectly.